Dr. Georgios

Cardiology specialist,
Former Assistant Professor, University of Iowa, USA

Cardiology Tests Offered

pink EKG graph shape stethoscope on white background, medical concept, 3d illustration rendering


(ECG) Conditions affecting the heart.

Doctor is examining heart's patient by echocardiogram for diagnosis disease or explain symptom. Medical exam , ultrasound. Medical equipment.


Diagnose and monitor certain heart conditions

24-hour ECG recording. Holter monitoring. Blue and yellow Holter sensors - heart with Ukraine. Horizontal photo.

Holter Monitor

Monitor conditions affecting the heart.


Stress Test

Evaluating heart function and blood flow.

Blood pressure and  pulse

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

 Show how the heart works.

Why Dr. Georgios Christodoulidis

Highly trained

Vigorously trained in prestigious academic institutions in the USA.



More than 10 years of experience in the field.
Extensive working experience in large academic institution in the USA.


Unrecognizable man doctor portrait with man on heart - cardiologist professional job

Quality standards

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases by the American Board of Internal Medicine. 
Nationally certified in USA at  echocardiography, nuclear cardiology and cardiovascular computed tomography.

Contracted with GESY

All tests offered in our office are covered by GESY.

GESY Affiliate

Personalized care

Attention to detail.
Thorough exam.
State of the art cardiology tests.
Continuous monitoring and communication.


Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I get there?
Are you affiliated with GESY?

Yes. All tests offered in our office are covered by GESY.

What if I do not have GESY

Patients that do not have GESY can be seen in our office and pay privately.

When should I see a cardiologist?

Anytime your primary care physician recommends.

Cardiology exam prior to surgery (Preoperative exam).

If you have symptoms that may suggest a cardiac condition such as chest pain, shortness of breath, leg swelling, palpitations, lightheadedness or passing out, unexplained fatigue.

If you have any chronic cardiac condition.

Preventative cardiology visit for patients at high risk for cardiac diseases.

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